YourChurchTech can provide a variety of services, tailored to your individual church’s needs including, but not limited to:


  • Information Technology, including the best use of individual systems, a local server, or a Cloud-based setup.  The church may already have equipment, so YCT (YourChurchTech) can advise on how to best use what is there and how to maximize the current setup.
  • Communication, including a plan on how your church may wish to proceed with integrating technology and delivery of the message.
  • Sound, Lighting, Video, and Projection…There is a lot of ‘noise’ out there with a lot of new and exciting gear that can cost a great deal of money.  Instead of listening to a sales pitch first, YourChurchTech will come in, evaluate your current state and based on where the church’s needs are, make recommendations on moving forward.  YCT’s primary role is not being a dealer of hardware, but YourChurchTech will work to get the BEST pricing on equipment from trusted vendors and ONLY if purchases are absolutely necessary!


  • Making any investment in technology isn’t being a good steward of resources if the training isn’t provided to both staff and volunteers on how to use it effectively.
  • Individual and group-oriented training on Windows and Mac-based software, including Microsoft’s Office, can be tailor-made for topics that fit your need.  For example, if communication between the staff is a focus, perhaps training courses focused around shared calendars, using email instead of post-it notes that get lost, would be a benefit.
  • Are you content with your current sound system, or is there something that may be missing?  Do members of the congregation complain about the sound level or quality?  Let’s take a look at the system and work with the team that’s using the system to make sure the system isn’t distracting from the message and the delivery of His word.  A new, very expensive sound board may not be the answer to your question!
  • New to projection software or has the church just invested in a church management software package?  Online training may not get you the solution that you’re looking for, while personal one-on-one or small group training may be the answer.
  • Prioritization and time management training based on global-leader FranklinCovey principles can be tailored for your group.

Installation & Configuration

  • After a computer system is purchased, whether a single laptop or a full-fledged server, an on-site or remote IT tech will cost the church a significant amount of money to configure for use.  Rarely is a system ready-to-go out of the box and even then, what about setting up email, anti-virus software, printers, and other specific needs?  YourChurchTech can accommodate your individual needs at a fraction of the cost, because YCT focuses on churches.
  • Does the church have a network?  Is it currently wired, but the need to go wireless is apparent, but proving to be too costly based on bids that have been made?  Maybe the church has Wi-Fi, but it’s unreliable and frequent drop-outs occur.  Let’s have a discussion around the church’s infrastructure needs and come up with a solution within the church’s means.
  • When was the last time your sound system was EQ’d?  Sometimes called “ringing out a room”, YourChurchTech will spend the time to make sure the system is tuned to your specific room and needs.  This critical step can be overlooked, especially if something is different in your service from when the system was installed such as adding new instruments or if a lead vocalist has changed.
  • From pulling cable on a system starting from scratch to configuring and maintaining a PC that must last longer, YourChurchTech’s focus on making technology an asset instead of a problem for churches means we can provide services for less.

If the time is right to make an investment in technology, maybe a new sound or lighting system, or adding projection to the sanctuary so members of the congregation can see lyrics or as image magnification (IMAG), then YourChurchTech will advise and partner so you’re not wading into the deep end without support.  When the decision is made to purchase and install, if YourChurchTech isn’t providing the installation, YCTwill be there to manage it so a member of staff doesn’t have to.  Think of it like having a general contractor on-site, making sure that problems are addressed correctly and immediately, and after the install, be able to train everyone on the new gear.

There are too many aspects of integrating technology into the church to list here, but that’s the focus and the only focus of YourChurchTech, so don’t limit your thoughts around what may be ‘traditional’.  For example, every church is interested in controlling utility costs, so something such as installing programmable thermostats that can be accessed online and motion-detecting lights in different areas can make a lot of difference.  If a group is meeting in a section of the church, it’s easy to adjust the temperature in that part of the building without even being on-site and those stairwell lights won’t stay on all night after the last person leaves.

Contact YourChurchTech today and let’s setup a free consultation on the mission of your church and how we can make technology help instead of a hindrance.

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