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YourChurchTech Becomes Authorized VIZIO Dealer

YourChurchTech has signed an agreement to sell Vizio televisions, bringing one of  the most popular and aggressively priced U.S. TV brands to the product lines already offered.  The strategic partnership with the Irvine, California-based manufacturer  comes at a time when houses of worship are looking to add more multimedia options throughout their facilities.VIZIO Logo - Black, White

In the second quarter of 2007, Vizio skyrocketed to the top by becoming the  most shipped brand of flat panel HDTVs in North America, according to the  manufacturer’s website.

In addition to being America’s #1 LCD HDTV Company, Vizio has a strong interest in  participating in categories beyond TV, including audio products and computers.

In September 2012, Vizio’s high-definition televisions won the highest ranking in  customer satisfaction from J.D. Power and Associates

About YourChurchTech

YourChurchTech ( is an authorized Vizio partner that serves churches and businesses, that do not have the resources on-hand to manage their IT, audio, video, and lighting needs.  YourChurchTech takes the time to understand their goals and identify solutions that will compliment, empower and add value to their mission.  Questions should be referred to or call 502.472.4425.


YourChurchTech Enters Partnership with Rackspace

YourChurchTech has today announced that the company has become a Reseller for the suite of Rackspace® services through the Rackspace Partner Program.

rs-member-partner-logo-clr-RGB“We are honored by Rackspace’s willingness to partner with YourChurchTech” says Mike Howser, Owner of YourChurchTech, LLC.  “This relationship underpins our commitment to delivering world class services to our clients.  Choosing Rackspace was an easy decision for us as they share the same values and principals as we do.  We are truly blessed to be aligned with them”.

Beyond offering consultancy, engineering and support services, YourChurchTech works with the leading distributors to deliver leading-edge IT product to small to medium-size houses of worship throughout the state of Kentucky.

Mike goes on to say “at YourChurchTech we identified a need within the market to demystify the Cloud offerings currently available.  Everyone has heard of Cloud Computing, but very few understand how it fits in with their infrastructure and what the benefits are.  Our primary goal is to identify Cloud solutions that will change the way our clients operate and manage their IT”.

About YourChurchTech

YourChurchTech ( is an authorized Rackspace partner that helps small and midsize businesses leverage the power of the Cloud.  Serving churches, and businesses, that do not have the resources on-hand to manage their IT, audio, video, and lighting needs, YourChurchTech takes the time to understand their goals and identify solutions that will compliment, empower and add value to their mission.

YourChurchTech Joins Dell’s PartnerDirect Program

dell_partnerdirect_registered_rgbLouisville, KY, 03 13, 2013 – YourChurchTech, LLC, a providor of technology solutions for churches throughout the region, today announced it has joined Dell’s PartnerDirect program as a Registered Dell Partner.  Built on three main tenets of simplifying IT, less complexity, and the advantages offered by the Dell business model, PartnerDirect will create a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between Dell and YourChurchTech.

As a Registered Dell Partner specializing in Enterprise Architecture, YourChurchTech gains additional expertise in key enterprise products and solutions, including servers, storage, virtualization, computing flexibility and energy efficiency.

PartnerDirect, administered by the Dell Global Commercial Channel Group led by Greg Davis, is designed to provide companies like YourChurchTech with the opportunity to utilize Dell’s enterprise expertise while also helping Dell to evolve its culture.

“YourChurchTech is incredibly excited in forming this partnership with Dell as it provides us with a key component to offering churches a total solution to their technology challenges”, said Mike Howser.

Through PartnerDirect, Dell is formalizing existing initiatives to help partners like YourChurchTech increase profitability and deliver greater value and choice to their customers. In December 2007, Dell launched a dedicated partner online community to broaden conversations about how Dell can best meet the needs of its partners and work with them to simplify information technology for their customers.

Based on feedback from thousands of solution providers, features developed as part of the PartnerDirect program include:

  • Access to a dedicated partner Web site at
  • Partner logos and guidelines for certain marketing activities
  • 100-percent dedicated sales and customer care
  • Certification paths and training
  • Range of financing options; and,
  • Deal registration serviced by’s partner relationship management tool.

Organizations interested in Dell’s PartnerDirect program can learn more by visiting

About YourChurchTech

            Whether it’s installing and configuring a safe and reliable network for the staff, or assessing your current sound system and tuning it to give the most benefit to the congregation, YourChurchTech can help show how existing tools may be used to their potential.  If necessary to accomplish the church’s goals, YourChurchTech can make recommendations while being a good steward of the church’s blessings.  YourChurchTech can also provide training to the staff and volunteer teams in using computers, sound, projection and lighting equipment during services, including how to best use your systems during the week.  To help churches connect people to Jesus Christ by making technology an asset for the church and not a problem.

About Dell

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more information, visit


Five Ways Churches Can Use Text Messaging

If you think texting is only for Generation LOL, think again. Reputable churches around the world are taking this popular mobile-phone feature more seriously; they’ve discovered that text messaging allows them to communicate more frequently, and more efficiently, with their members and followers. Five ways to use texting in churchCompared to newspapers, junk mail, radio or TV, mobile text messaging (or SMS, for “short messaging service”) is a relatively new communication tool. Compared to other features and functions on a mobile phone, like mobile apps or near field communication (NFC) chips, texting is a “new media” veteran. And unlike most of the newer tools, the text messaging application is ubiquitous: so-called basic phones can send and receive text messages (smartphone not required). And lately, wireless-service providers have begun offering unlimited text-messaging plans with their most basic phone contracts.

Unlimited text messaging is clearly a good thing for the teenager who literally sends hundreds of messages a day (and for his or her parents who are footing the bill). But why does any of this matter for your church? Consider the following statistics:

  • There are more than 5 BILLION mobile phones in the world; more than 85% of Americans own a mobile phone
  • An estimated 7 TRILLION text messages were sent in 2011, and with the new, unlimited texting plans, that number will surely rise
  • Most importantly,, 97% of text messages are opened, and 83% of those are opened within an hour; that’s compared to a 20% open-rate for emails
  • For all its benefits, text messaging is a relatively simple, low-cost, and low-maintenance marketing tool; for example, Symbiota’s crossMRKT tool allows an organization to create and schedule multiple text messages in advance.

Not yet convinced? Here’s five ways used by other churches who are finding positive results from their text-messaging campaigns:

  1. Text Message Alert for churchesTo send timely, or important, alerts. After members or visitors opt-in to your text-messaging campaign (here’s how that works), you can then send your SMS subscribers breaking news, such as an event cancellation due to extreme weather, or a friendly reminder of an upcoming event.For example, Third Reformed Church in Iowa uses texting to send messages, like meeting locations, to members of itshigh school ministry program.
  1. Contact List for ChurchesTo collect contact information. When they opt-in to your SMS database, subscribers can also be asked to submit their email address for inclusion in that database.
  1. advertise through textingTo advertise and manage events. Texting is ideal for live updates during events, and is a more stable and more ubiquitous platform than Twitter. Wave Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia uses Symbiota’s crossMRKT tool to advertise their annual conferences and to update attendees before, during, and after the event.
  1. text message polling for churchesTo conduct live “townhalls” and polls. Some churches, like Mars Hill Church in Seattle, allow members to text questions during some services to the preacher, who then answers them after his or her message. Pastors at other churches, like Symbiota client Metropolitan SDA Church in Maryland, ask poll questions during Bible Study meetings, then immediately discuss the (displayed) response with the congregation.
  1. all in one marketing for churchesTo promote or connect to other media campaigns. Are you hosting a great discussion your Facebook Page or in a Google+ Hangout? Or  would you like to promote sermon that’s locate on your website? Chances are good that you’ll get your subscribers to click on the link if you send it via text message.

Bottom line: Sending bulk text messages is cheap and easy. And there are plenty of good ways for your church to use it to advance it’s mission.

Reprinted; by Joel Sam

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